Sunday, June 16, 2024

‘We will not arrest Khama’ – Saleshando

The Botswana Congress Party (BCP) has stated that contrary to popular perceptions, if the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) is toppled from power, the BCP will not arrest or persecute Khama.

This was said over the weekend by BCP President Dumelang Saleshando as he addressed scores of the party’s followers at a political rally in Gabane.

He addressed the rally alongside party stalwarts Annah Mothagodi, Vain Mamela, Phagenyana Phage and Lotty Manyepetsa following a week of intensive campaigning within the Kweneng South East constituency.

Saleshando said that he is concerned that everytime the country goes to the polls the electorates chose to return the BDP and Khama to power because of their love for the country’s late President and Khama’s father Sir Seretse Khama and not necessarily for the party’s message.

He said that, for sentimental reasons, people always misconstrue a vote against the BDP as a hate for Khama. He said that others feel pressured to vote for the BDP because they mistakenly think not voting the BDP amounts to deserting the late Seretse Khama’s children.

“We will not arrest Khama but we will take him to Serowe to man the Serowe main Kgotla as he is a Chief,” said Saleshando.

The BCP leader said that it is clear that Khama is not a politician and has on several occasions reminded many, both within the ruling BDP and critics, that politics is not his passion. He said he wondered why Batswana continue to vote for a person who has no interest in the business of politics.
Saleshando said that the ruling BDP is exporting jobs to countries like India where the bulk of Botswana’s diamonds are cut and polished.

He said while many Batswana remain unemployed, the Copper and Nickel being mined at Selebi Phikwe is creating jobs in Zimbabwe.

Throwing the crowd into a row of laughter, Saleshando said that only Chinese nationals were looking forward to next year’s budget speech.

He said only the Chinese get a lion’s share of all the construction work countrywide and so are looking forward to the budget speech to hear how much of the national cake their share is. He told the gathering that Chinese contractors were taking all the major projects while citizen companies were not extended the same patronage. Saleshando said under President Ian Khama democracy in Botswana is on sabbatical leave. He said that the country is going down the drain because there is no political leadership.

“There is no one to provide political leadership,” he said.

“A change of government is not a miracle, it is possible,” he added.

Saleshando told the residents that the BCP is the fastest growing party having started off with 13 councilors and one Member of Parliament in 1999 when it first stood for elections.
He said over 10 years later his party now has 70 councilors and five parliamentary seats.


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