Sunday, June 16, 2024

‘Why do Batswana hate us so much?’ – Limkokwing

The management of Limkokwing University says they are worried about the way they are being treated by some of Batswana since their establishment in Botswana two years ago.

Speaking to Sunday Standard, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Faculty Development, Gail Phung, expressed serous concern over the way in which they say they are treated by the nation.

She said out of the 16 countries in which they have established their universities, Botswana is the only country where they are not treated well.

“We have only two years in Botswana but the hate we get from some of the locals is not right, including the media, as well,” she said.

She asked: “What wrong have we done in this country and if we have done any wrong, our doors are always open for discussion.”

Phung said the government of Botswana invited the university to be established in Botswana in order to give Batswana high quality education.
She poured water on allegations that the university provides poor quality education.

She explained that a few weeks ago about 13 staff members were raided, adding that out of 13, eight were lecturers and 5 were from Malaysia.

“The university has terminated the contracts of about eight lecturers who were sometime last week raided by the law enforcement at the university premises.”

She admitted that it was an embarrassment for the university to experience such event.

Meanwhile Phung said very soon the university will have its own council and the council will be composed of Batswana from different ministries, including the founder of the university.

She added that already they have identified people whom they want to seat in the council.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Kavis Kario, said, “It is disappointing to see such kind of incident but they have not yet been any formal report about what really happened at the University.”

He said they, as the ministry, will be briefed on the matter.

However, educational expect, professor Richard Tabulawa, said, “What happened at that university is a national embarrassment.”

He said he hoped that the government is keeping a close eye on what is happening to the university.


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