Wednesday, August 10, 2022

‘Zimbabwe Police not answering phone calls’ ÔÇô DPP lawyer

A Directorate of Public Prosecution lawyer, who is prosecuting in a case in which the State has been approached by the Zimbabwean government to help in the extradition of a Zimbabwean citizen, Eleanor Kuedza Tembure, who is wanted in connection with allegations of murder, says that his Zimbabwean counterparts have not been forthcoming with the information he needs to continue with the matter.

According to the lawyer, he has been phoning the Zimbabwean DPP for months now requesting important information he needs but to no avail.
“Every time I ring the number of the officer responsible for the information I need in that country, I do not get through and he then does not try to contact me,’ he said.

If he does not get that information, the lawyer said that he might not be able to proceed with the matter.

“This information has been requested by the Magistrate who is presiding over the case and it is very crucial to this case. I cannot continue without it,” he said.

The information he is requesting include assurances from the Zimbabwean government that, if extradited, the suspect would not be prosecuted for any other matter than the one she is being extradited for.

The ruling on this was made by Francistown Chief Magistrate, Makati Lesang. The Magistrate has indicated she would be willing to continue with this matter if the information she wants is brought to her.

In another matter of extradion, Tebogo Masifa, one of the accused persons in the country’s biggest armed robbery so far in which robbers got away with P5 million at the Gaborone’s Sir Seretse Khama Airport and who is currently in a South African jail, is reported to be pleading that he be brought to Botswana to stand trial.

This is according to very reliable sources close to the case.
According to the sources, Masifa has even phoned expressing his desire to be brought to Botswana to stand trial.

”He has actually phoned asking to be brought to Botswana to stand trial not on one occasion but on several occasions,” said the source.
Asked what is likely to be done in such a case, the source said that the likely possibility is that he will be brought back as he is requesting but would not say when that will be done.

Two other suspects in this matter are still at large and are believed to be in Mozambique, whilst Jeremiah Modise, the Tlokweng man, who confessed to having played a major role in the armed robbery, is currently serving a ten-year-jail term in Gaborone Central prison.


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