Friday, April 10, 2020

Of female teachers making our dreams come true!

Every schoolboy knows the feeling. We have all been through it. For some, it only earned them a thorough thrashing. For others they could only dream for the rest of their school days. It normally starts at primary school when suddenly you realize you are in love with your teacher. And this is genuine love. I mean at primary school, almost all the teachers are female.

But you know you are in love when out of the whole ugly lot, only one sets your heart flapping. You suffer silently. You cannot confide in your playmates lest they laugh at you. Worst of all, some of the teachers’ pets can end up telling her, with painful consequences for your little bottom. It’s traumatic.

Every morning you have to go to school and watch your love teaching, without her knowing that inside you are dying with deep feelings of affection for her. Because at primary school you tend to be dirty with your nose always dripping snot, the last thing on the teacher’s mind would be that you love her. It gets worse when at the end of the school day you see her smiling at her boyfriend who has come to pick her up. At that very moment you hate the man in her life. You wish all kinds of dreadful things could befall him.

If you are lucky enough to make it through primary school, it’s off to secondary. Here with your hormones now in full riot you fall in love with another teacher. Because secondary school teachers are better educated, and paid, they dress better and are prettier. So you make sure that for her class you dress in a tidy uniform with your shoes polished and hair combed. You act all coy and sit in front so that you can stare at her curves to your heart’s content. Initially, you are shy in her class. Your worst fear is to be summoned to her desk for a beating. To avoid a beating at the hands of the object of your desire, you make sure you behave and study hard.

The idea is to become her favourite pupil so that she can send you on errands such as going to borrow the duster. When you have done well in a test and she announces you as the best student in class, it’s as close to an orgasm you can get. Of course, the biggest disappointment occurs when you notice she has a boyfriend. All too often for the young and pretty female teachers, their boyfriends tend to be fellow teachers. You start hating the man. You start looking for his faults. You notice that he doesn’t dress well.

Neither does he own a car. He also drinks heavily and sports a few scars from regular beatings he receives during weekend drinking sessions. You wonder to yourself what the woman of your dreams is doing with such a loser. By this time, you are confident enough to tell your friends that you love the teacher. Their hormones are raging, and they too identify the teachers that cause them sleepless nights and wet dreams. Sometimes things take a nasty turn when you discover that you and a friend share affection for the same teacher. It can ruin your friendship with the subject not even knowing that she has caused a fallout. But otherwise you spend all of your time planning how to bite the bullet by telling the teacher that you love her. The only obstacle is that you are worried about the consequences if she decides you are impertinent and reports you to the headmaster. Before giving you a thrashing, the headmaster would in all likelihood summon your father to his office. Now imagine your father being told that his son was making a pass at the teacher, with a note written in verbose English as proof. Before plucking up the courage to damn the consequences and write her the love letter, you spend torrid nights worrying that she might be put on transfer. After the school, holidays you inspect her carefully just to make sure that bulge in her tummy is just overeating and not a sign of pregnancy.
Your worst nightmare is for her to be impregnated by the drunkard.

Worrying about the bulge affects your concentration levels, and one day she calls you aside to ask why you are performing poorly. With only the two of you in class, you think of blurting out your feelings for her and also telling her you were worried she was pregnant. But before you can do that she advises you to study hard and not be distracted by whatever could be happening at home. With a sweet smile she walks away leaving you tongue tied. Relating the story to your friends, they accuse you of being stupid and how they, given the opportunity, they could have told her. Indeed you realise you are an idiot and vow that next time you will finally tell her you love her. The opportunity never arises because she soon gets transferred and before long you hear the drunkard has gotten her pregnant for the second time. When you finish school she still lingers on your mind.

The girl friends you date just cannot compensate for her. Even when you start working, memories of her still torment you. By now you drive a posh car and hold a well paying job. And then one day you see her. She looks well preserved and younger than her age. When you greet her she is all smiles and inquires about your life. She expresses satisfaction that her pupil has done well for himself. Now grown up you too ask about her life. She tells you she eventually got married to that teacher, meaning the drunkard. However, they got divorced because the drunkard got a school girl pregnant and was sacked. In your mind you celebrate the downfall of the drunkard. She says she is now single and lonely. After all these years now is the time. You invite her for coffee. She obliges. You pour your heart out about the effect she had on you at secondary school. She expresses surprise, saying you are still naughty after all these years. That you are still crazy after all these years. Nonetheless she smiles with a twinkle in her eye. Before long she comes to your house and your dreams finally come true!