Friday, September 22, 2023

Old Naledi gets state of the art park

A modernized recreational center is expected to open doors end of the month in Old Naledi, to hopefully end persistent boredom that has dogged the community for long.

At the centre of the facility, located at Diswinki open space, is the welfare of the kids whose glimmer of hope in the impoverished location has always been neglected.

“The premises will be officially opened by the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture sometime end of June,” confirmed Oabile Mafunga, the area councilor, adding that whilst the children would enter the premises free of charge to have fun, adults would be expected to pop out a minimum fee.

Consisting of an array of games, such as see-saws and swings among others, the P2.3m facility also reserves a leisure place for chilling adults with a kiosk for drinks and braai in the offering.
“Parties, marriage parties and other festivities will also be allowed to accrue money for maintenance and repairs,” said Mafunga.

As some of their counterparts across the country would fly high on swings and see-saws, Old Naledi kids would be running around a dusty pitch, rolling old discarded car tyres for excitement.
But that will be a thing of the past, according to Mafunga.

Completed several months ago, the facility has been the centre of speculations with the residents even doubting its opening.

“The opening of the facility was delayed mainly because we felt the lawns and plant decorations were still not firm,” Mafunga explained.

While he acknowledges the noble gesture by the government, Mafunga is adamant the perimeter fence of the project needs to be modified as its steel sharp points pose a threat to the kids.


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