Monday, June 24, 2024

Old Phuthadikobo Museum Board prefers talking where there is sanity

The most unfortunate thing about the recent kgotla meeting in Mochudi where the Phuthadikobo Museum Trust was the subject matter is that it was a one sided affair, making the Trustees look like the accused and the Deputy Kgosi Sekai Linchwe look more or less like the prosecutor and the judge in the matter. That day, March30th, Sekai arrived at the kgotla well prepared for war. He had brought in Kgosi Kgafela’s wife, Mohumagadi Oshadi Kgafela to hear him spitting venom.

Wearing animal skin at the back and carrying a supporting stick, Sekai minced no words. He was on the war path right from the beginning to the end of the topic being discussed. He launched a scathing attack on the out-going Board of the Phuthadikobo Museum Trust claiming that they were untrustworthy, misused Trust funds and disrespectful to him and to Kgosi Kgafela II. He spoke about amendments to the Deed of Trust saying he and Kgafela were not consulted when they were carried out. It was the Board’s unilateral decision, he said. He claimed that the out-going Board disregarded his authority. According to Sekai, the Phuthatdikobo Museum is currently in a mess. Sekai made it clear that the amended version of the Deed of Trust will never see the light of the day. They were a waste of time and energy. He said he is going to subject them to the dust bins because they were crafted in bad faith.  Even the incoming Board will not implement them, he said.

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