Monday, June 24, 2024

Olebile Gaborone shows there is still room for decency in politics

On Monday morning, Olebile Marakadu Gaborone announced that he was dropping from a contest to become Botswana National Front President.

He gave a long list of reasons, chief of which is that his continued running is no longer in the best interest of the BNF.

Already, some cynics are beginning to question Gaborone’s true motives for opting out.
Some are saying it has become apparent to him that he will lose and he is not brave enough to stomach a defeat.

Whatever his motives, we salute Gaborone for dropping out of the race.

We have always looked at Olebile Gaborone as a principled man who has lost his way into politics, especially the dirty politics as practiced by his Botswana National Front.
A true gentleman, during his time as party Vice President, Gaborone tried to ch
ange the BNF by believing in the principle that, however evil one’s ways there is always something positive in a human being.

We are glad that at long last and after trying for so hard he has come to realize that this belief actually does not apply to many of his comrades in the BNF.

The problem with the BNF is that there are people in it who genuinely believe that the party is their personal property and only he who they want can lead it.

These are the same slogan chanting militants who have turned what used to be a party of hope into a gutter organization that is beyond redemption.

There was a time when the Botswana National Front had in room for such humble people like Gaborone.
But those days are gone.

Today’s BNF is controlled by one-eyed schemers who know nothing about the spirit of give and take.
Today’s BNF is home only for those who seek position and power by hook or crook.

We cannot agree more with Gaborone when he says the BNF has had its fair share of anarchy of lawlessness.

Unfortunately there remain inside the BNF many people who, despite the party’s poor health, are all too happy to push it to the wire. These are the people who are doing to the BNF exactly the opposite of what Gaborone has decided to do.

Those are the people, who, in Gaborone’s word would rather take the party to the brink.
It is our hope that Gaborone’s withdrawal will give the BNF a chance to approach the congress in an atmosphere of relative peace.

It is our hope that Gaborone’s withdrawal will somewhat help reduce the tension that is already high as a result of a protracted dispute over the candidacy of Duma Boko.
It may well be that Gaborone’s withdrawal will not save the BNF from plunging into yet another fire of hell.

But then Gaborone will not be a part of it.
If BNF burns, as it is likely to do, at least one man will have his conscience clean that he did his best to save it.

Gaborone has shown that, unlike many BNF members, he is able to sacrifice his interests and allow those of the party he loves to prevail.

Above all, Olebile Gaborone has proved that even as the public has lost faith in our politics there is still room for decency in our politics.

A few more men like Gaborone would take this country far.


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