Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Olebile takes up Gunners’ baton again

Extension Gunners announced on Tuesday that they have parted ways with their Zimbabwean head coach, Maxwell Moyo, after a series of poor performances by the club. He was also accused of not controlling the club’s dressing room. As has been the case in the past, Gunners’ executive committee has turned to Nelson Olebile to steer the ship until the end of the season.

Olebile was recruited by Gunners in 2007 by the then head coach Daniel ‘Chicco’ Nare. At the time, he was an unknown in Botswana football but Nare saw potential in him. When Nare dumped Gunners for fierce rivals BMC in February last year, Gunners turned to Olebile to lead the team in the Coca-Cola Cup. At the time, their search for a new tactician was on and eventually Maxwell Moyo arrived after being fired by ECCO City Greens. Most of Gunners’ supporters at the time felt that after Nare joined BMC, the management could have left Olebile to drill the team as most players seemed happy under his guidance.

After a season of mixed results with Moyo having been shown the door, Olebile has been called again. He has accepted the challenge to steer the sailing ship, this time around alongside former Gunners’ darling Scara Kebalepile. Since taking charge of the team again, Gunners’ players say that they are a happy lot again.

“He (Olebile) is a fantastic coach who relates well with us. The other thing about him is that he does not have his favourites like Moyo. I liked his decision to chase Motsiri (Ofentse Mmipi) from training after he misbehaved,” said one player on Friday.

Olebile is said to be a likeable character within Gunners’ family and it is his commitment to the club which continues to win him the hearts of many people. Olebile told Sunday Standard that when the management approached him, there was no way he could turn them down. He said that he is going to do his best in the remaining games to ensure that they improve their position on the standings.

Quizzed if he has interest of being appointed the head coach, he responded, “Coaching is a learning curve and I want to believe that I’ve learnt a lot under Chicco (Nare) and Malume (Moyo) in the past four seasons. There is a time when you feel that you’re ready for the challenge and that time is now. I’ll do my best with the help of Scara in the remaining games.” He added that the onus is on the executive committee to appoint him if they are satisfied with his input.

Gunners’ chairman William Maboane said that they are not going to rush into appointing the coach. He said that since Olebile understands the club, they have confidence that he will change their fortunes in the remaining games.

“It is up to him (Olebile) to take the challenge and impress us. The committee will sit down in the end to map the way forward,” said Maboane.


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