Sunday, March 3, 2024

Omzah makes his point in debut album

Do you miss the late Donald Botshelo’s music? If so, then try Omphile Omzah Kgabuki’s debut album, O ratwa ke Omzah’ and you might think the star has risen from the dead. 

Added to that is the fact that his producer is the same man behind the sound engineering work in Patricia Majalisa’s works. To mistake him to be from the Dan Tshanda stables won’t be that much of a crime.

It is especially the second of the six tracks (four and two remixes) titled Ability in disability that proves it beyond doubt that the star is from Don’s hands. 

The self-confessed keyboardist, drummer, marimba player and vocalist is in the album, journeying his listeners through love, pain of being despised because albinism. 

He concludes by pleading for mercy from Almighty for a nation ravaged by incurable diseases and other calamities.

His great motivation, he said in an interview, to come up with an album, emanates from the fact that he wanted to prove it to the world that people with albinism have the ability to show talent and partake in the development of their country. 

They thus, deserve respect. He sings in the song: “Ga ke rate motho yoo sotlang ka ba ba nang le boswafe, ka go baneng le bone ruri ba na le bokgoni. Emisang go re sotla”  (I do not like someone who mistreats people with albinism because indeed are also capable. Stop ill-treating us}.

“I started singing at primary school level. Then at adolescent stage I went to Pudulogong School of the blind. There we had music lessons. It was there that I met several talented stars, including the late (Donald) Botshelo and I can assure you I learnt a lot from him. It was at Pudulogong that I discovered that indeed there is ability in disability,” he revealed.

He said he has taken time to arrange his album, ensuring he brought together several individuals with various skills in music with the view to come up with something solid.

A disco music lover, especially a fan of (Dan) Tshanda’s stable will have a great time with this album, recorded at Lebzamos Recording Studios. 

Despite the effort put in the project, the eloquent star is desperately scouting for a manager or marketing agent as everything about it is on his shoulders ever since its recording was competed three months ago.


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