Sunday, December 10, 2023

Only Isaac Kgosi can tell Ian Khama to ‘fotsek!’

And so we read in the weekend newspapers about how President Ian Khama wanted to expel his (once upon a time) bosom buddy, Isaac Kgosi from his position as head of the notorious Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS). The story is that Khama sent his legal advisor, Parks Tafa, do deliver an ultimatum to Kgosi: resign or risk being fired. The juicy part is that not only did Kgosi refuse to resign; he reportedly yelled some unprintable words to Tafa for allowing himself to be the messenger of witchcraft errands. In Kgosi’s view, Tafa must have come across as ‘ngwana yo o rongwang boloi’.

The long and short of the story is that, Kgosi told Khama to ‘fotsek’.  I’m beginning to love this Isaac Kgosi guy. I mean, a guy who is not scared to face the fearful Khama easily earns my respect. Kgosi deserves the ‘Naledi Ya Sechaba Award’ for being the only person ever in this country to defy Khama’s instructions. Men and women of this country shiver in their pants and skirts whenever Khama gives out an instruction. To many of the men and women who work with and under Khama, he is to Jesus what Mpho was to Mphonyana. When they see Khama, they see Jesus. In fact, a lot of people in this country would prefer to obey Khama and disobey Jesus. Jaanong to finally have someone who can show Khama the highway to hell is so refreshing. I have always had a problem with how Batswana seem to think it is an unpardonable sin to hold a different view to that of Khama and to even tell him that you differ with him in opinion. All these BDP members are said to always nod in agreement to every decision that Khama puts across at their party caucuses and only decide to murmur in disapproval after he had left the meeting and sealed his decisions into action. Gatwe ba mo tshaba lebaibai. Well, if the weekend media reports are anything to go by, then atleast there is one man who sees Khama as just a ‘child’ like all other ‘children’. To Kgosi, Khama ke ngwana hela jaaka ban aba bangwe’. He can be told to sit down and he obeys. But then again, we should thank Khama for moulding Kgosi into what he has become. Khama created this monster and I’m glad he has lived long enough to suffer the consequences of his making.

Trust me, le nna I would behave in the exact same manner as Kgosi if I were to be as lucky. Khama took Kgosi by the hand and told him that he is untouchable. Khama gave Kgosi unlimited access to the secrets of this country and to his own personal secrets. My best friend, Mosetlha Sebera is the one guy who knows all my secrets because I confide in him my deepest thoughts, emotions and secrets. Ke gore he knows all the girls I have slept with and even how I slept with them. He knows all my good and bad deeds. If its true God knows everything that we do on earth, then Mosetlha is at par with God when it comes to my knowing all my secrets. Kgosi is to Khama what Mosetlha and God are to me. I want to believe, given their history of association, Kgosi knows all of Khama’s secrets, including embarrassing ones. So really, there is no how Khama can humiliate Kgosi with expulsion from work when the guy knows a lot about his private, personal and business life. I want to be honest. I am enjoying the Khama-Kgosi fallout. I am crossing fingers that the two gentlemen don’t reconcile. Much as I enjoyed Kgosi’s defiance of Khama, I’m equally disappointed by Khama’s cowardice. I had hoped Khama would go ahead and show Kgosi that he is the one calling the shots.

I had hoped that Khama would go ahead and fire Kgosi, more so that Khama’s family is said to be totally infuriated by their friendship which they feel it has the potential to compromise Khama’s integrity and legacy. It now appears Kgosi has Khama by the painful parts so much family blood failed to be thicker than water. Khama chose to Kgosi over family and it must be very painful for a man who has never had to deal with defiance all his life to now be held at ransom by his prot├®g├®. I say, in Kgosi, Khama has laid his bed and he so must lie on it. To Kgosi I say, big up to you for taking advantage of the powers that Khama blindly bestowed on you when he allowed you to be his confidante. Khama literally surrendered his life into the hands of Kgosi. At this rate, even if Khama harboured any intentions to drop Masisi from the vice presidency before he vacates office, he is going to find it very difficult if indeed Masisi has now become Kgosi’s ally. Kgosi will surely want Khama to be succeeded by someone who will not fire him and as such it will be Kgosi who decides our next president. Let the games begin. I’m enjoying the whole fracas! 

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