Thursday, July 18, 2024

Only one unit restored at Morupule “B”

Two weeks after the troubled multimillion Morupule B power plant collapsed, only one unit has managed to be restored, while the other three units are still down.

Botswana Power Corporation Workers Union has appealed to both the BPC and the government to be honest and realistic about the troubled power plant.     

Bohithetswe Lentswe, the general secretary of Botswana Power Corporation Workers Union told The Telegraph that both BPC and government should stop the tendency of being over excited by making empty promises before they are sure whether the power plant is in a better position to function properly. He warned that both government and BPC should always desist from making empty promises concerning the date when the power plant is likely to be up and running. He said the result is that the BPC is likely to lose trust and credibility from the public.

“These are machines which are unpredictable. They break down frequently therefore BPC should not put itself under pressure until such time comes when we all agree that the plant is now functioning well,” said Lentswe.

He said that it has been more than two weeks since the plant broke down and the public only knew about it after a week that all the units were down. He reiterated that only one unit has been restored but it is not producing to its full capacity.

“I am not quite sure when the other three units will be restored but they might take time” he said.

Lentswe added that BPC management is accusing the union of leaking information to the media on what is happening about the power plant. “The union┬ábelieves that it is being wrongly accused as they also have a mandate to inform the public about what is happening at Morupule B,” said Lentswe.

He assured the public that his union would not be deterred by such accusations and they “will continue to tell the story as it is.”

BPC spokesperson Spencer Moreri confirmed on Monday this week that only unit 4 is currently producing power.
“It is true that unit 4 has been restored and it has been producing power since Sunday,” said Moreri.

He said BPC is optimistic that two more units would have been restored before Friday.

Last week the Minister for Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Kitso Mokaila told the media that he had summoned the President of a Chinese Contractor, CNEEC which built the Plant.

Mokaila wants the boilers which have been the main source of the problem to be replaced.


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