Saturday, March 25, 2023

Oodi College benefits from collaborations

Local and international partnerships that the Oodi College of Applied Arts and Technology (OCAAT) entered into with key industry players have enabled the institution to benefit immensely from its partners’ knowledge and best practice in its certificate level jewelry design and manufacture training.

OCAAT recently partnered with BJO, a French professional training centre that offers illuminating and insightful up-skilling in jewelry crafting. Located in Paris, BJO boasts of 43 years experience in skills such as polishing, stone setting and artistic and technical drawing. 

OCAAT also entered into a partnership with a German organization through which two Germans nationals joined the college’s teaching staff under the jewelry design and manufacture programme. The agreement entered into with BJO is expected to expose participants to practical knowledge and skills in the jewelry industry and facilitate real-life adaption such as starting own business, finding a job and continuity in transferring knowledge and skills. OCAAT has also entered into partnerships with local institutions to strengthen its jewelry design and manufacture program. OCAAT’s Principal Maggie Khumalo highlighted in an interview with The Telegraph that the college maintains communication with various industry players to ensure easier work placements.


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