Monday, July 15, 2024

Open letter to President Khama

I must hasten to indicate it is with utmost respect for your office that I write this letter to you. Given the immense responsibilities that you have as the leader of our nation I am well aware that you may not have time to read letters from a person of my stature.

However, my devotion to the party that you’re leading has compelled me to raise the issue of our party (and nation) leadership in the coming years. Your Excellency, the Vice-President, Honourable Kedikilwe has indicated his intentions to retire from politics after this year’s general elections and there certainly are aspirants for the vice-presidency position. This is human nature and I do not find fault with members of the party positioning themselves to take over the reins when Mr Kedikilwe retires from politics.

However, it will be prudent to have a capable leader who will be able to competently lead our nation upon the end of your term in office. Your Excellency, you’ve effectually led our nation and the country needs someone who can continue in the path you’ve paved for the nation. In many establishments especially in the political sphere there always are ‘yes men’, weak-minded lackeys that are quick to flatter and tell leaders what they want to hear in an effort to gain favour. These are men and women who will not give critical advice and as a consequence make leaders to take in ill-conceived strategic decisions. Let me borrow what Socrates said in 400 BC: “Think not those faithful who praise thy words and actions, but those who kindly reprove thy faults.”

Your Excellency, the country needs a loyal leader who can also be able to point out faults or wrongs. The country further needs to be seen to be seriously providing opportunities for women to participate equally in democratic governance. I commend your government for having created an environment for women to participate in political processes enabling them to be political leaders. There are no laws or practices that marginalise women from the political sphere in Botswana. However, it will be a great step for Botswana if the next vice-president could be a woman. I can readily think of women such as Mme Venson-Moitoi, Mme Makgatho and Mme Nasha. These are women with vision and strength to lead our nation. Though all capable, Mme Nasha is the most suitable given her political experience, her firmness and the respect she draws from most people across the political spectrum. Apart from the gender aspect, Mme Nasha does not possess any trait resemblance of a political lackey who says or does things to attract favours.

Your Excellency, you have very capable people who work closely with you and offer advice where necessary and as such my letter may not carry any weight. However, I felt it may be worthwhile for you to also hear the voice of the lowly and insignificant members of your party.

Eddie Mdluli



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