Thursday, July 18, 2024

Opposition MP questions Jagdish’s citizenship

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) deputy Secretary General (SG) Natwarl Jagdish’s citizenship last week came under the spotlight during a question and answer session at the National Assembly.

During the session, Francistown South legislator Wynter Mmolotsi wanted to know when Jagdish was given Botswana citizenship.

Mmolotsi also wanted to know how long Jagdish had been staying in Botswana before he was granted a Botswana citizenship. He also wanted Batshu to explain to Parliament how Jagdish was granted citizenship while he could not speak Setswana.

In his response, the Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs Edwin Batshu said Jagdish was granted Botswana citizenship on the 14th April 2011.

Batshu explained that Jagdish arrived in Botswana on the 6th January 1993.

“He submitted his declaration of intention to make an application for a certificate in terms of the Citizenship Act on the 22nd May 2000. He submitted an application for a certificate of naturalization on the 6th July 2010,” said Batshu.

According to Batshu, the BDP Deputy Treasure appeared before the Citizenship Committee on the 15th October 2010 and having succeeded in interview, he was granted citizenship on the 14th of April 2011.

But Mmolotsi was not convinced as he also wanted to establish the kind of relationship between BDP and Jagdish before he was granted citizenship. The legislator also wanted Batshu to respond to suggestions that Jagdish could have been granted citizenship because he was financially sponsoring the BDP.

Replying, Batshu said that “The Citizenship Act is very clear on how one should apply for citizenship and he followed the law to the latter. As to what he was doing with whoever is not part of the qualifications for citizenship and I have no information.”


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