Sunday, March 3, 2024

Orange Botswana introduces ‘Orange Cube’

Orange Botswana, one of the biggest cellphone companies in Botswana, launched its Orange Cube concept during the BOCCIM Northern Trade fair last week.

Speaking to the Sunday Standard in an interview, Karabo Tlhabiwe, Orange’s Public Relations Manager, pointed out that the aim of the concept was to show participants at the show that technology could help individuals and groups of people.

Tlhabiwe indicated that Orange Cube was an in-house concept looking at the range of services the company offered, such as the live box, which is essential for office tasks, home and broadband superfast internet.

He mentioned that they were launching another important product, the Blackberry cellphone which he called “an office in the pocket” because of its portability and its features that mirrored the Office Computer.

The other services that Orange launched included the innovation to offer live radio from any internet connected radios around the world, Orange 3 G USB key, giving people access to three G internet and an I Phone which is three G compatible and offers the latest technology for handset connectivity.

Tlhabiwe maintained that all these services could help individuals and businessman in their daily tasks, be it at home or at work.


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