Sunday, November 27, 2022

Orange Botswana launches ‘Livebox’

Continuing to provide the best solutions for life and business to its customers, Orange Botswana this week did it again by launching, for the first time in Botswana, the new innovative and dynamic service, dubbed Livebox, which offers the state of the art High Speed Internet broadband while bringing you the most advanced Wi-max radio technology.

“The internet is a highly flexible and convenient tool for delivering a fulfilling and enjoyable life experience. It is also an invaluable resource for business, and an ample source of opportunities,” said Bokani Tibone, Orange Botswana Business Development Manager when welcoming the attendees. He said the key to their philosophy at Orange is the desire to make life and business simpler for their customers.

Explaining more about this exciting internet solution service, Orange Botswana Public and Relations Manager, Kagiso Tlhabiwe, said Livebox is the first service that provides for wireless (Wi ÔÇô Fi) and Ethernet access from one unit providing up to 8 simultaneous connections at the same time.

Tlhabiwe said they are able to offer superfast connection speeds from 256 kilobytes/second to 1 Megabyte/second all standalone from Orange Botswana.
In order to better serve its customers, Orange Botswana will be taking care of everything from installation, configuration and testing of this internet solution.

“Livebox, with its space saver design, unlocks the endless offerings of Internet service provision. Therefore, all you have to do is to make your choice as we tailor make the Livebox service to suite your needs,” said Tlhabiwe.

According to Tlhabiwe, Orange Botswana, with this pioneering service Livebox, brings to its customers a continuous stream of pioneering multimedia service for home and office.
“This, in turn, gives you access to information at your fingertips, your news, your current affairs and your entertainment,” he added.

The Chief Executive of Botswana Telecommunications Authority (BTA), Thari Pheko, was also present at this event. In his remarks, he said the launch of Livebox confirms Orange’s resolve to improve service delivery and to offer its customers a choice.
“Orange’s track record in Botswana speaks volumes. From humble beginnings in 1998, Orange today boasts of 200 employees and well over half a million customers,” Pheko noted. In terms of its service delivery, he said Orange continues to take its service to the rural areas by opening Orange shops in shopping centers and other convenient places throughout Botswana.

Pheko highlighted that Orange does not only show its commitment to the development of telecommunications infrastructure and service in this country, but also to other sectors of the economy. “The sporting fraternity has benefited immensely from Orange’s generosity, for instance our national football team, the Zebras have undoubtedly become a household name. Thanks to its association with Orange,” he cited an example.

According to Pheko, it is not a surprise that Orange has previously received the Diamond award for Customer Care and Efficiency, the Botswana Arrow Award for best advertising campaigns in Botswana as well as the African Telecom people award for Best Mobile Operator for Eastern and Southern Africa in December last year.

Pheko said the convergence of telecommunications, broadcasting and data services has given rise to a new range of services in keeping with the demands of modern life. “It is pleasing to note that Orange is already responding to these demands by launching the Livebox,” he stated.

He stressed that BTA will continue to rely on Orange’s cooperation in addressing the challenges of the sector going forward. He said it is their intention as BTA to ensure an open environment which fosters competition and consumer choice. “This will make Botswana find her rightful place in the global information village,” he concluded.


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