Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Ostrich abattoir’s maiden export slated for Belgium

After many months of being unable to export ostrich meat to the lucrative European markets, the country’s multi-Purpose abbatoir will soon export 10,500 kg of ostrich meat to Belgium.

The abattoir’s Managing Director Jaco de Villers confirmed the latest developments adding that he is happy that after all difficulties they have been facing the abbatoir is going to export ostrich meat to Belgium.

He appealed to the government to give farmers information on what type of assistance they are providing to ostrich farmers to support the industry which is still at its infancy stage.

South Africa which boasts of a robust ostrich industry has of late been devastated by bird flu and as such its market is still on the way to recovery.

“At the moment South Africa cannot export to European markets and we should play at that country’s industry’ disadvantage. For this reason, we should be in a better position to make money from ostriches as we still command premium for fresh ostrich meat export to Europe.”

Asked what message he would like to send to farmers de Villers said that the message is that “the abattoir is up and running and that they should provide the birds as we have a big market hungry for the birds meat”.

“I encourage more people to get into the industry in order to get supply volumes high and to make the industry sustainable,” he said.

Currently Talana Farms are the main suppliers of slaughter birds to the abattoir. Many new farmers who went into the industry were left bankrupt in the past after the abattoir was closed.


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