Sunday, May 26, 2024

Outcry over Mascom vote for teams

The Mascom Charity Cup voting results that decided four team semi finalists has been criticized as unsporting.

The voting system was disapproved by a section of society after the voting kicked out local football giants, Township Rollers.

The top four were voted position one to four. Gaborone United polled 62984, Security Systems 51027, BDF XI 48596 and Orapa United 44407.

Football commentator, Jimmy George, when approached for comment on the result outcome said:, “I hate voting because they never give true reflection of what is on the ground. Sponsors should not take the attitude of one size fits all.”

George said the corner stone of football competitions is based on results and achievements. “The teams could have been chosen looking at their achievement and their support base. The most successful teams that command large following football people know them. They should have been selected to participate not subjecting competition to voting that ended up ridiculing local football,” he charged.

He opined that teams that command large following have been insulted by the voting results, “why didn’t the sponsor go to the league match and use tickets statistics to determine teams with large popularity to participate in the tournament. Mochudi Centre Chiefs, Gaborone United, Tafic, Township Rollers and Extension Gunners have earned their stake in local football and their brands shouldn’t be insulted by mere vote that is subjective. They worked hard in building their brands and we cannot be told that they cannot play in charity cup that need popular teams” George fumed.

To him excitement, vibe and attendance have been killed.

Molatlhegi Octopus Mangole shared the same sentiments with George. He added: “The tournament was launched without involving football key stakeholders hence the shocking outcome.”

He is of the view that this is not a true reflection of team’s supporters. “This voting has killed the purpose and the objectives of the tournament. There won’t be flair” he observed.

He foresees Botswana Football league and the sponsor inviting one of the popular South African musicians to cover up the lost opportunity of bring people to the stadium.

Township Rollers communications manager, Bafana Pheto, when approached for comment said: “The voting result does not reflect the true reflection of what the sponsors have desired to achieve.”

He observed that the sponsor had planned the charity cup looking at the teams that command popularity and hoping to also see droves at the stadium on match day. “The charity tournament must attract many supporters because the intention is to assist charity and one can only do that if the product attracts patronage on match day,” he explained. For an organization to give well to the less privileged they drive support from the masses hence Pheto is of the view that the results are not a true reflection of what the founders of the cup needed.

He pleaded with sponsors to give all details of tournament rules and expectations. “The voting was closed on Monday midnight but the results were only released four days later. Authenticity of the result is doubtful. What caused the delay when everything is done electronically,” he wondered. He advised that the delay might lead to improper motives by some that might end up disadvantaging other teams. He further opined that if voting was restricted to one vote per number it was going to be better rather than one number voting 500 time is wrong and gives a false narrative.

“The number that voted for Rollers is a true reflection of our support. We thank Popa supporters for continued support to the team. They must continue rallying behind the team and remain optimistic for the future ahead,” Pheto said.

Bafana encouraged his supporters to focus on the league and the Orange FA cup competition ahead.


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