Sunday, March 7, 2021

Packed Maun Kgotla hears sordid tales of Satanism

The Maun main kgotla was packed to capacity this week, as residents were told of sordid incidents of satanism performed by school going children in the village.

The district leadership had called the meeting, which sought to come up with solutions to how the situation, which has now even spiraled to include primary school kids, could be done away with for good.

The gathering was also told of a group of children believed to be Satanists who were allegedly sent away by security personnel at Maun General Hospital after they had requested that they be granted permission to pray for the sick.

Their acts are carried out at a cave near the hospital, which residents say was used as a mortuary back in the years before the introduction of modern facilities.

Some of the group ring leaders are those that are believed to have orchestrated the mysterious incidents that befell Maun Secondary School the previous year, whereby classrooms were burned down, later at which dead animals were found pinned on whiteboards in some classrooms.

To date no one has been arrested even though police still claim to be working on the case.

According to Officer Commanding No: 5 district Superintendent Chabaesele Kesupetswe, the group, made up of seven boys and seven girls was turned away even before they could enter the hospital premises.

“They were easily recognized by their attire, which is black long gowns branded 666 at the back. There has been numerous similar cases reported at Maun Police, even by members of the community who have seen these children roaming the streets of Maun in broad day light. The situation is so disturbing, because even after we would have warned them, they still go back to the cave where they say they hold their daily prayers,” he said.

Also present at the meeting was Ngamiland District Commissioner Bernadette Malala who said the security guards at Maun General should be given a pat on the back for turning the kids away.

Because the group is said to always be boasting that they have powers to initiate even more people, fear was that they could have initiated the unsuspecting patients, who might have mistaken them for a church delegation.

Malala said just two weeks ago, the district leadership had to rush to Gumare village, some 300 kilometers from Maun, where related cases were reported.

She said it was while there that they were told by school heads from various schools that things had taken a dramatic turn, as more students were showing signs of satanism and thereby doing things out of the ordinary, believed to be acts of satanism.

“While we might not know what these kids are up to, I personally believe their behavioral patterns are fuelled by high levels of drug intake as it has been reported at most schools here. This therefore calls for us as parents to join hands and fight this monster that is satanism. This is something that cannot be ignored, because in one way or the other we are all affected. And so we need to agree on a combined effort to try normalize things before it is too late,” said the DC.

The meeting resolved that churches should converge at the main kgotla on April 26 where they will hold all night prayers, and then march to the cave the following morning so that it may be demolished.

The leadership warned that whoever is going to be seen wandering anywhere near the cave after it would have been demolished will be flogged at the kgotla, and where possible stern action be taken against such people.


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