Thursday, April 25, 2024

Painting Portraits of Paradise…

Boikanyo Bryan Matshware is an entrepreneur in arts, drawing and painting portraits that depicts Botswana lifestyle and tourism.

His business which is based at Modipane village started in 2014 and offer artworks that tells a story, encourage and also do wall mount framed artworks that decorate houses, offices, business places like lodges, hotels, guests house and other places that accommodates.

The 23 year old says he went to Oodima CJSS from 2009-2011 where he got a chance to upgrade his talent by choosing Art class as practical subject and from then he continued with his studies at Moeding College, form four up to form five from 2012-2013, where he was one of the best student in Art classes which built a good relationship between him and his talent.

“I am extraordinarily blessed to do what I love for a living. Somehow in the past years I have turned a hobby into a profession and then into a lifestyle, said Matshware.

He adds, “Art to me is everything and God’s given talent because a place without art is not a place for me, I draw I paint to tell a story, that is the reason I keep saying ‘this is the story I failed to tell in words’ when asked to explain my artworks through word of mouth,” he said.

Matshware says although he do not claim any profound wisdom nor that his path is the best one, if one wait to think about their career until they first graduate, then they are  way behind.

“I gave myself like 2 years working on producing artworks before I can go to Tertiary where I am currently study graphic design (Limkokwing University) 2016-2019. I chose graphic design because it is computerized arts. Now am a fine artist who specializes with medium such as pencil, colour pencils and paint,” he said.

Yet Matshware says it is imperative for parents to applaud, motivate and get personally interested in the activities their children engage in. He encourages parents to pay attention while their children play so they can identify what holds their attention most and what they are best at. This parental guidance, he says, will shape the way children regard the world and their place in it.

Adding that it is very important that any spark of talent in children be nurtured from the get-go to mould it into an exceptional ability that would not only benefit the child, the small unit of family but also the community as a whole.

He noted that, “I grew up living with good parents who really supported my talent as they encouraged me to keep the good work, bought me materials back then when I could not. This kind of gesture builds a sense of ownership and dignity to both the artist’s and their families and also relieves the Government of the burden of supporting the entire nation.”

Meanwhile the Modipane born says he takes Art serious as in each and every field there are obstacles, even though Art in this country does not sell that much compared to other countries where they value it.

Nevertheless he says he would like to give thanks to the Government who really try by all means to give artists support and exposure.

“I see my business growing well in the future as I have an upcoming own country exhibition in 2020, I believe with God I will make it and I will get support from anyone who is willing to support my talent.

He concluded by saying that entrepreneurs should learn that life is a course of sense and emphasized that individuals should work hard for success.


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