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Pan-African universities debates come to Botswana

The University of Botswana and the Pan-African Universities Debating Championship (PAUDC) organising committee are proud to organise the second Pan-African Universities Debating Championship in Gaborone, Botswana from the 12 to 18 December 2009.

The championship will bring together Universities from 15 African countries in addition to numerous debate trainers from the US, South Korea and South Africa. Tebogo Mogotsi, sponsorship director and also a veteran debater, noted that so far 15 participating countries that have confirmed attendance are from West Africa, among them Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia. Uganda and Kenya will participate including Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa from Southern Africa,.

Mogotsi expects 25 universities, among them the Universities of Nairobi in Kenya, Botswana, Jonnanesburg, Limkokwing, Free State (last year’s winners), Rhodes, Fort Hare, Namibia, Lagos and Calabar in Nigeria.

“The championship is also expected to have participants totalling 300-500 debaters, adjudicators and about 12 trainers making it the biggest debating tournament ever in the African continent. Also 40 Botswana schools students are also expected to participate from the tournament as debaters, volunteers, time keepers and runners,” he said.

The week long tournament will be hosted at the University of Botswana main campus with among other socials the grand opening ceremony, Cultural Expo night and the Grand Final at Phakalane Golf Estates.

“This intensive competition requires each university team to take part in eight preliminary debates over six days. The highest-rated teams go forward to knockout rounds, with the champions ultimately named during a Grand Final at the Golf Estates,” Mogotsi added.

He further noted that “in addition to the actual debate tournament, there will be formal training workshops and interactive forums with leaders in business, ministers, civil society and government”.

“The debating championship will also provide a forum in which African university students can be exposed to new ideas, discuss a range of topical issues and be challenged to think critically”.

Besides the championship, Mogotsi, announced that the PAUDC will also utilise the time to adopt the PAUDC constitution which will be a blueprint to coordinate African debating events and organise training sessions, all to ensure the sustainability and spread of debate across the African continent.

He noted that Books Botswana, supplier of educational materials in UB, Phakalane Golf Estates, Rotary Club of Gaborone, the British Council and the University of Botswana are among the previous and potential sponsors. “The organising committee continues to seek partners and sponsors for this event,” he added.


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