Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pandemonium in court as suspect goes on rampage

There was drama in a courtroom in Molopolole when a suspect attacked, forcing the Chief Magistrate and support staff to flee while other people in the courtroom had to hide behind and under desks..

Even the police also had to run for the exit door when the suspect, Botsi Kefitile, who had come for mention, broke from the dock, grabbed a block of wood and charged.

Kefitile, serving over 20 years in prison and with other cases pending around the country, brought business to a standstill after he dived for his docket and tore it to pieces then went on the attack.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the chief magistrate of Molepolole, Dlamini Ngandu, said, “I did not know that the suspect could act in such an ugly manner in the court.”

She said it was a very terrifying moment which prompted her to go and seek medical attention and was granted sick leave.

She indicated that one thing that disappointed her most was the fact that most of the police also ran way when the chaos started, while only two officers managed to arrested Kefitile.

She explained that it was not the first time that Kefitile appeared before her court although he did not turn up during some of the scheduled appearances.

“During the proceedings the case prosecutor told the court that the suspect had missed court appearances twice therefore the suspect should explain to the court why he decided to miss court,” she said.

Ngandu said Kefitile told the court that he failed to come to court because the vehicle that he was being transported in had a problem and was not comfortable.

“The police explained very clearly the type of vehicle that the suspect was been transported in and I found nothing wrong with the vehicle,” said Ngandu.

She said she tried to explain to him several issues that he had raised but Kefitile did not listen.
“I then realized that I was slowly losing control of the court, “she said. “I saw him grabbing the docket with his one hand and then removed a block of wood from a table and charged towards me,” she recalled, adding that she was so puzzled that she could not move.

However, the court orderly rescued her in time and Kefitile ran out of the courtroom into the next courtroom which was still in secession.

“I am very worried about our security as magistrates but little is being done to address the matter,” said Ngandu.

Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa said that, as the police, they will do what it takes to make sure that Kefitile does not pose any threat either to the judicial officers or the public.

“After the matter has been investigated, we will press criminal charges against the suspect, ranging from assault to malicious damage of property.

Mbulawa said that the police have already introduced a new fleet of vehicles meant to transport dangerous suspects.

“The vehicles are safer and they can also protect the suspect from mob justice in case of trouble,” he said.


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