Friday, June 21, 2024

Parties opt for deal over leader of opposition

The leading opposition parties will soon cut a deal over the controversial of Leader of the Opposition.

The seat recently fell vacant after Members of Parliament from Botswana National Front and the Botswana Movement for Democracy official joined the new Umbrella Democratic Change.

This brought a tie in the number of MPs between the UDC and the Botswana Congress Party.

As a result, the Speaker of the National Assembly declared the position vacant.

“We would try and meet over the issue with our colleagues and see the way forward which obviously would mean moving a motion in parliament which could be rejected by the ruling party which is majority,” revealed UDC leader in parliament, Nehemiah Modubule on television programme Matlho a phage.

He added that on numerous occasions noble motions of public interest that tended to benefit the opposition have been sidelined by the “opportunistic” ruling party.

Fighting from the same corner was BCP’s Kentse Rammidi.

Rammidi was also convinced nothing would come of the motion as BDP MP’s have already shown much interest in, ridiculing the opposition.

“How could we raise the motion when already we have become a laughing stock? Like my colleague has alluded to, they would eventually reject the motion using their favorable numbers,” he said, adding that was not good for a country that likes to credit itself for good democratic ideals.
But the deputy speaker disagreed.

“You have been informing my office with letters of allegiance to your respective parties and one wonders why this time around you would not inform my office about your intentions and fears,” Pono Moatlhodi said.


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