Thursday, June 13, 2024

Pasta ‘Made in Botswana’

The Bolux Group (Pty) Ltd will on Thursday next week open a new extended subsidiary Pasta facility, called Prima Foods, to become the only producer of pasta products in Botswana.

Speaking with The Sunday Standard, Johann Swanepoel, the General Manager of Prima Foods, stated that Prima Foods have been commissioned so as to enhance pasta production in Botswana.
Swanepoel said Prima Foods is involved in the manufacturing of high quality pasta and biscuit products and is the only producer of these goods in Botswana. Although the products are readily available on the domestic market, he said they export to Sub-Sahara Africa, to countries like Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Congo.

“The potential market in this region has led to the extension of the Pasta production facility, which will be officially opened next week,” he said.

Touching on the background of the Bolux Group, Swanepoel explained that the Bolux Group has evolved over the last ┬▒30 years into a major player in Botswana’s agro-processing industry. He said that the Group has diversified operations to include maize and wheat milling, pasta and biscuit manufacturing and bread manufacturing.

According to Swanepoel, Bolux Milling operates a maize and wheat milling plant in Ramotswa and Francistown in order to supply the domestic market with flour and maize products.

The Bolux Group of Companies currently employs in excess of 750 Botswana citizens, making it one of the largest food manufacturers in Botswana. “The well established and entrusted brands like A1 Super, Chobe samp, Snow White flour products, Pasta King, Pasta La Vita and Polana Macaroni, Spaghetti, Fusilli, Shells and the long life Maxi bread loaves are becoming household names in most of Botswana households,” he noted.
To ensure affordability to all, Swanepoel said the products are available in different pack sizes.

Duke Lefhoko, the Assistant Minister of Trade & Industry, will officially open the Bolux premises in Ramotswa.


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