Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Pathologist defends police on suspects who die in custody

The North Region Forensic Pathologist, Dr Varaspat Patnaik, has defended the police, saying that it is high time that the public desists from always holding the Police accountable for the death of suspects while in custody. Patnaik told The Sunday Standard that in all the forensic tests which he conducted since his tenure in Botswana, he never found any deaths of suspects that were caused by the police.

“Ever since the beginning of my career in Botswana in 1997 as a forensic pathologist none of my investigations have ever related to the death of suspects resulting from any torture or any assault by the police. It is only sad to note that the police are always blamed for the deaths of suspects in their custody,” he said.

Although he could not deny that such incidents are possible, Patnaik said that in most of the cases, suspects are to blame as they normally die or injure themselves as a result of violent behavior when they are in the hands of the police.

He urged the public to appreciate the job done by the police, saying that they are only there to protect them.

“Personally I feel that Police in Botswana are doing a great job and they are hard workers who need to be recognized for what they do. They should not always be viewed with negativity,” he said.


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