Tuesday, April 20, 2021

PEEPA looks at stakeholders’ input to its draft plan

Public Enterprise Evaluation and Privatisation Agency (PEEPA) are embarking on broad consultative discussion with stakeholders with the view of shaping up the much awaited privatization of public institutions.

According to the statement released on Friday, the agency will meet with stakeholder from the private sector, civil society and labour movement on Monday at Mahaja Restaurant.

“The key issues that will be discussed during the workshop include aligning service delivery among entities to enhance impact, determination of degree of similarity or complementary of mandates across entities, review options for merging the entities into clusters for purposes of removing overlaps, operating in silos, duplication of services, as well as creating common entities to enhance service delivery by respective clusters or merged entities,” the statement said.

The organisation charged with the privatization of government institutions is expected to refocus them before embarking on a massive privatization plan which will start with farming out some functions to the private sector.

It is expected that the farming out will start around 2008, but that might be stalled by an electioneering year due in 2009.

“It is intended that through this consolidation or merging of parastatals and public entities government will establish a more focused and effective service delivery system as well as enable public entities to compliment government initiatives to diversify the economy through the promotion of greater private sector participation in the non-mining business initiatives,” PEEPA said.

The meeting is aimed at trying to get the stakeholders’ input into the draft plan which targeted at rationalization programme and merger of certain entities.


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