Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Pensioners not awarded their March benefits

The delayed payments for old age pensioners, World War veterans and destitute during the month of April was due to a handover process from the Government through the Department of Social Services to Botswana Post, respectively.

Effective 1st April, Botswana Post was mandated by the Government to pay Social Services to their beneficiaries.

“Actual payments started on the 13th April due to the handover processes, which coincided with the beginning of the government’s financial year,” explained Lame Ramokate, Media Relations Coordinator at Botswana Post.

Ramokate said that this incident was a first of its kind and it was well communicated with the beneficiaries regarding the delay in payments through the radio and television media.

“The delay might have been communicated to us but honestly it was a drawback for my family because I depend on the monthly allowance to buy food for my grandchildren. Their mother passed away two years back. It is my responsibility to take care of them as they have nobody else to look to. I am just hoping that the Government or whoever is responsible brings everything to normal,” lamented one pensioner who resides in Mogoditshane.

Old age pension is meant for Batswana citizens who have attained the age of 65.

World War II veterans allowance beneficiaries must also be citizens of Botswana. They should have participated in WWI or WWII or be a surviving spouse(s) of a deceased veteran who participated in the war or be a deceased veteran’s child under 21 years of age whose mother is also deceased or have not married another man who never participated in the world wars following the death of the veteran husband.

Old age pensioners are given a monthly allowance of 220 pula; World War veterans are awarded P359 while destitute allowance currently stands at P81.

The payment process is such that the beneficiary presents their payment booklet together with their national identity card, signs the leaflet for the month due for payment in duplicate and appends their thumb print. Thereafter payment is made and the counter foil is returned to the beneficiary as proof of payment.

Ramokate said that a tender was awarded for the procurement of social services benefits payment booklets and these were delivered as per the terms of the agreement with the supplier.


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