Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Perfect Pitch- Botswana’s very own groove centered band

It’s a hot, humid Saturday morning at extension 5. But for the band l happen to be interviewing their spirits are high and are ready to serenade the nation on their Saturday show session acoustic lounge with Gabz fm very own Joe Musey at 1400.

They have been making the waves on radio with their song ‘confused’ and cover songs for famous artists such as Brenda Fassie, Bob Marley and an array of other celebrated artists. Their music sound which can be categorized as groove centered or as “contemporary pop fusion” is gradually is captivating locals. Perfect Pitch was established in 2008 by lead vocalist and guitar player Cedric David Ncube. The group which now consists of four talented members who all proudly profess to be self taught instruments players. I guess it is safe to say they have earned their badge in the University of Life. They play exquisitely making it difficult to tell that none of them took lessons or studied music.

Perfect Pitch brings a unique touch to the music scene in Botswana; their music encompasses an array of urban jazz, soft rock, pop and hip hop. It sets them in a different light compared to other artists as their music is organically played, with each member either playing the guitar, saxophone, bass guitar, piano or beat boxing. Most mainstream music is digitally influenced, but Perfect Pitch is bucking the modern trend by reintroducing organically inspired music to local mainstream music.

A group encompassing a multitude of talented individuals with Leeroy Nyoni, outspoken and vibrant on drums and does vocals as well; the shy, quite but immensely talented Mike Mokgatitswane on bass guitar. Lex Makgothi is the man behind the sound engineering but is most noticeable when he graces the audience with his lyrical genius which has earned him the nickname ‘Boxcutta’. Finally Cedric who already mentioned above plays the guitar and the lead vocalist, the quite authority and mastermind behind the success of the band.

What holds them together as a group is that they sync with each other they can easily “tweak a song and go with the flow”, each member has an understanding and trust of the other’s capabilities to collectively produce music.

The band is generally pleased with Batswana’s response to their music “it is received in different places very well”. Although they feel there is still a lot to be done to gain more leverage and support from Batswana. However, like most artists in Botswana they feel in some instances Batswana less receptive to their music, than they wish.

They do not have an album yet, and so far they have achieved a significant amount of success, one can only imagine what the height of their success is going to reach once they have an album out. Cedric promises they are working on an album, which encompasses all tracks loved by their fans from their live sessions including brand new material.

Leroy deems it necessary that artists strive not only to succeed locally but internationally as well “confused is already proving that it has the potential to compete internationally as most of the time people are puzzled it’s a local song”.

What’s also fascinating about this group is that they are not signed under any record label. It only highlights at how good music can be made anywhere, so long as one has the passion and drive to do so.

So far the group has collaborated with other major music artists and upcoming artists such S.E.G who has a hit song ‘Ee saan’ on top of the yarona fm music charts.


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