Saturday, July 2, 2022

Perpetual bush fires in Boteti Region worry Police

Letlhakane Police in the Boteti Sub District are fighting a losing battle against bush fires that are continuously ravaging Boteti Sub District vegetation.

The Station Commander of the Police Station, Loeto Ramabokwa, told the Sunday Standard last week in a telephone interview that the fires in Boteti Region are becoming worrisome, especially during the summer season.

As we are speaking today, Khwee Settlement in the Boteti Region is continuously ravaged by the fires and last year we had a tragic incident in which two people perished in the fire,” he said.

Ramabokwa said that the fires have been haunting the region for years and added that they normally become rampant from the months of July up to the summer season. He went on to reveal that they have tried in vain to investigate the root cause of the fires but they have always hit a snag as they never come up with the answers or arrest any suspect.

“The information we get from the public is that there are some farmers who burn down the grass with a belief that it gives fertility for the new grass to blossom and some of them allegedly burn the vegetation because they want to control ticks,” he said.

 He said that one of their concerns as the Police is that whenever they call meetings to try and collaborate with the public in the Boteti Region to combat the situation, the public hardly attends their meetings which then negates the whole effort to combat the problem.

“Although we work together with people from the Forestry Department to try and fight the problem, one of our major concerns is that the public does not seem interested in helping us address this situation as they hardly ever attend our meetings,”┬áhe said,

On a different note, Ramabokwa added that passion killings in Letlhakane Village are also taking a disturbing direction as they have recorded five murder incidents since March this year.
He said that last week on Friday, a 31-year-old man murdered his 24-year-old girl friend in what he suspects to have been a love wrangle.

“The suspect has been remanded in custody and has already appeared before court,” he said.


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