Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Phagenyana Phage decries politicization of developments

Botswana  Congress Party parliamentary candidate for Lentsweletau -Mmopane  constituency, Phagenyana Phage says the ruling Botswana Democratic Party infighting has been used to disadvantage voters in the area.

Phage says there are no developments such as roads, sewage system ,clinics and schools in the area  because the BDP was always fighting with the current MP failing to deliver developments .

Phage stated that  the fighting between the ruling BDP central committee and the current member of parliament, Moeng Pheto was used to disadvantage the  residents.

He said that the ruling party infighting has disadvantaged the residents where the government failed to deliver on developments purely to discredit Pheto. He said that he  intends to pressurize the government to deliver the developments in the area once he is voted as an MP.

He stated that the voters in his constituency were made to suffer because of  the  fighting between the party and the MP. Phage was worried about the state of roads in  Mmopane block 1.

He said that there were no roads in the village which makes it difficult for people to travel with their cars. He further blamed the ruling government for failing to put up sewerage systems in Mmopane.

He said that most of residents were using pit latrines which have the potential to contaminate underground water.

 He said the absence of a junior secondary school in in Mmopane and Kopong is failure that has shown that the ruling party was not ready to help the residents. He said that students are forced to travel long distances because they are no junior secondary schools in this places.

Meanwhile the ┬á┬áBotswana┬áCongress Party, Parliamentary candidate for Goodhope ÔÇôMabule constituency ┬á, Lesego Gatogang says he intends to lobby the government to build a dam along Molopo river┬á to augment acute shortage of water in the area.

Gatogang who is one of the parliamentary candidates launched during the weekend says if voted he will put pressure on  government to build dams to address water shortage.

He said that the area has been facing shortage of water  for the past decades but the ruling  government   fails to address  the problem.

 Gatogang further stated that there is a need to build structures that will accommodate  private companies interested in agro-processing to set up business in places such as Goodhope.  He said that the area  was a hub for agricultural products that could be turned in finished goods if they are agro-processing plants in those areas which could create employment for most of the youth in the area. 


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