Sunday, May 22, 2022

Pheto tells Khama to back-off independent candidates

Independent Candidate and former MP for Kweneng East constituency Moeng Pheto has called on President Ian Khama not to let his hatred for independent candidates to be a national issuer.

Pheto also urged Khama to familiarise himself with the Country’s Constitution because choosing to stand as an independent candidate in the general elections is a right enshrined in the Constitution.

Pheto said President Khama should back off and leave independent candidates to enjoy their freedom of association as provided for in the Constitution.

Addressing a BDP rally at the weekend in Mmopane and Gaphatwa wards which fall under the same constituency, Khama took a swipe at independent candidates also called mekoko saying they cannot run the country if they were to win the elections in large numbers. Engaging in banter, Khama called on voters to shun independent candidates adding that historically there is nowhere in the world where a country had government of independent candidates in power.

Responding to Khams’s comments, Pheto said it was disappointing that the president has launched a crusade against independent candidates despite the fact that the country’s Constitution allows for the existence of such candidates.

“How can we have a Head of State who makes such disappointing statements? That is why voters in the constituency where I’m standing have shown him that they do not accept his intolerance. The rallies that he held to tilt fortunes in favour of the BDP candidate Vincent Seretse were poorly attended. Their candidate is not marketable; they are not making progress or inroads at all,” he said.

Pheto who also further accused Khama of launching an all out war against him added that the BDP has made it clear that the race to win the constituency is between the party and him. “The BDP has realised that I’m the real threat and that is why a number of Kgotla meetings and rallies are held in this constituency and that’s why they are targeting me personally,” he said.

BDP insiders say what irks Khama even more about independent candidates is the fact that majority of them are from his party and they are standing in constituencies that are viewed as marginal ones.

Pheto also alleged harassment by security agents. “I’m surviving by the grace of God, because security agents are harassing me in an effort to force me to drop out of the race. Trying to attack me and other independent candidates on that basis is inappropriate and the wrong course,” he said.

Pheto, who was suspended by the ruling BDP resigned from the party and later registered as an independent candidate for the general elections slated for October 24.

He had reasoned that there were numerous flaws during the party’s primary elections in the Kweneng East constituency. He said he was not satisfied with how the party leadership addressed his concerns of irregularities during primaries that were won by Cabinet minister Vincent Seretse in the election.


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