Thursday, December 8, 2022

Phikwe poor storm water drainage system gets a facelift

The National Disaster Management Office says it intends to fund the upgrading of the storm water drainage system in Selibe Phikwe after it became evident that the storm water drainage system was weak.

The poor storm water drainage system, office said, has led to some homesteads being submerged in water after heavy rains lately.

Principal Programme Officer in the National Disaster Management Office, Maeletso Pego, stated in an interview that some homesteads were flooded and their property destroyed by water after heavy rains. ?He said that some areas in Phikwe were heavily affected by water after the storm water drainage system could not withstand the water pressure.

Pego said that they have since met with local authorities and expressed their intention to fund the storm water drainage system.

He said that they came onboard after realising that the issue of poor drainage has caused disaster leading to people losing their property.  

Pego added that though the water drainage was to be built by the council they were forced to help because people were in danger during the rains.

“We could not fold our arms but we asked them to come up with a budget and this will be part of the negotiations,” Pego said.
 He said that they want to participate after the water drainage system proved to be weaker after residents were affected by floods.  
The City of Francistown mayor, James Kgalajwe, has also raised concern about the poor storm water drainage in the city. 

Kgalajwe said the poor storm water drainage could pose a danger to residents because it is unable to sustain the pressure of water during heavy rains.


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