Friday, May 24, 2024

Phoenix Assurance insures players

Botswana Table Tennis Association (BTTA) has expressed delight with Phoenix Assurance Group Botswana’s initiative to insure all players competing in official tournaments.

According to BTTA public relations officer (PRO) Tiro Motswasele, the sponsorship announcement was made by the Group chief executive officer (CEO) Chiswo during the BTTA retreat this past weekend.

Under the initiative, Phoenix Assurance Group, which is the official sponsor of the BTTA official tournaments will avail a P50 000 insurance towards each tournament registered player.

“Phoenix Assurance Group always tried to cover some of BTTA’s pressing needs and this is one such example,” Motswasele says.

While the sponsorship was announced this past weekend, the BTTA PRO says it will commence immediately and all remaining tournaments for this calendar year are now covered.

The BTTA PRO says the insurance sponsorship was not solicited by the association and it came as a sweet surprise for them.

He says as the BTTA executive, they believe the unsolicited sponsorship is proof that the Phoenix Assurance Group is happy with their partnership.

“For tournament registered players, this is a very welcome development as they will not have to worry about injuries from the moment they leave their homes for a tournament until the time they return home,” he says.

Motswasele says once a tournament registered player leaves home for a tournament, the insurance will kick in.

“This means that if a player incurs some injury or gets involved in an accident while enroute to or from an official BTTA tournament, that player will be covered,” Motswasele explains.

The BTTA PRO says the insurance partnership will come as a relief for players and ‘will give them some peace of mind’ when competing in association sanctioned tournaments.

“Players now know that in case they get serious injuries during tournaments, they do not need to struggle with finances. This will give them enough motivation,” he says.

Motswasele says the move will enhance players’ performances during tournaments and will also ensure that ‘Botswana table tennis grows beyond the borders.’

The BTTA PRO says the latest sponsorship will also further consolidate the relationship between the two parties, which he says continues to grow.

“We already have a rolling sponsorship with Phoenix Assurance Group through which they sponsor all our tournaments. At the end of each year, they extend their sponsorship and adjust it whenever they can,” he says.

“With this latest extension of their sponsorship coverage, we are hopeful the relationship between us will continue to grow,” Motswasele concludes.


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