Thursday, April 22, 2021

Pilane urges opposition to unite against BDP

The spokesperson for the Botswana Movement for Democracy spokesperson, Sydney Pilane, has called on opposition political parties to merge if they are to dislodge the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).
Pilane said the opposition political parties should accept that a single political party cannot win against the BDP unless they unite and support one candidate.

Pilane told the Sunday Standard that: “It is important to form some relationship, which should be the opposition against the ruling party.”

He said informal discussions were already under way on how the parties can work together, adding that the past elections have shown that the opposition political parties together got more votes than the ruling party.

Pilane admitted that it will not be easy for the opposition political parties to unite and work together but it was a step ahead as it has been recognised that a single opposition political party cannot dislodge the ruling party.

“We all recognize that fact; it will not be easy but it has got to be done because of the mood in the country,” he said.

Pilane said the party that does not join the alliance with the other opposition political parties is likely to collapse.

He said politicians should learn to place national interests above personal ones and admitted that it was unfortunate that most politicians went into it for personal gain.

He said politicians in the opposition political parties also have to realize that once the parties merge, there will be competition for positions in the parties, which is where one of the problems lies when it comes to merging.

“On that score, some opposition political parties may be comfortable being on their own because there will not be jostling for positions unlike when an alliance is formed. But there is a risk of a party collapsing if stands on its own,” he said.

On personalized politics as opposed to issue-based politics, Pilane said there was nothing personal about the attacks on President Khama.

He said it must be realized that the opposition political parties do not dislike Khama as a person but do not like the manner in which he is handling state matters.

Pilane said in order to serve Botswana from further ruin Khama has to be democratically removed from office.

“He is the one ruining this country and as long as he continues holding the highest office in the land, we will continue having problems. So he has to go,” he said.

Pilane said there is very little wrong with the BDP but the problem was the party’s inability to control Khama.


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