Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Plan B

This is the last time. I swear this is the very last time.

I do not know what pushed me into this but I promise you it will never happen again, over my dead body.

I do not have the habit of coming up with these useless statements, but this year I am compelled to.

Resolutions! What resolutions? This is the very last time I come up with New Year’s resolutions.
The problem that I have with resolutions is that as far as I am concerned nobody keeps them, so what is the point in making them? In short resolutions are those promises we never keep. But many of my friends have been sharing with me some of their resolutions, and to be honest they range from mere jokes to pure lunacy.

One of them told me that this year he wants to get married, and as far as I can remember he has been saying this God knows how many times. The only nice thing about this resolution is that he never shares it with his girlfriend, something we must commend him for.

The new season has once again come, and many are waking up from the festive slumber with its all dreams and fantasies to the horrible realities of January. For most of us who were carried away by the joys of the festive season, January can turn to be the longest and the cruelest month of the year with all pending bills and psychopathic landlords denying you a peaceful sleep.

While still trying to convince the landlord to bear with your predicament, your newly found love will send you a message informing you that she has reconsidered her festive decision of being involved with you and she is terminating the affair effectively.

That is January for you.

But for most people, January presents new beginnings and new hopes packaged in to something called resolutions. Most people deny themselves the pleasures of sleep to come up with these resolutions.
I am yet to understand why people torture themselves over things that do not matter. I have never attended a funeral of anybody who died from not making resolutions, nor have I ever heard of anybody being arrested for not making resolutions, not even in repressive states.

My resolution for this year is a bit peculiar, you can say. It has taken me a lot of time to come up with this one but it is merely a product of my festive experiences. My resolution for this year is to have a Plan B or what is commonly known as a back up plan.

I have realised it the hard way that everything in life needs a Plan B, just in case something goes wrong. When discussing this resolution with my girlfriend she asked me what back up do I have for her, I pointed the housemaid.

Fuel shortage over the festive season demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that we need to have back up plans in this country. We need a back up for power, water, and I also think we need a back up government, just in case. I mean in Ivory Coast they have long realised this point and they now have a standby government ready to take over in case the other one trips down.

Our lack of preparedness sometimes scares me, and I always wonder how much ready we are to face-off natural disasters if they strike. It is high time we plan for the future for no one can anticipate with certainty what the future holds for us. For example, who was expecting a cabinet reshuffle in the early days of the New Year, absolutely no one, and who knows; it may be the second man-made natural disaster after DIS.

I hope emergency services will be ready to rescue those who will not be able to swallow the bitter pill.

Come to think of it, it started with water, then power, and now fuel, we do not know what it will be next time because the situation seems to be moving from bad to worse, and we seem to be content with it.

The fact that we are land-locked should be a motivating factor to plan into the future looking at the fact that we are celebrating our over-dependence on South Africa.


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