Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Poetry vs Poverty

Westwood Mantlwaneng was the venue for a very special showcase of talent. Those in attendance were treated to performances form Zeus, Shay Blain, Sam Kush, Chuma and a number of other performers.

The event was used to raise funds in order to help the poor and contribute in the fight against poverty.

The shows organizer, Unawo Deema, is the coordinator for the Angelous Society, who help the poor.

“The purpose of the show was to raise funds for the society but firstly most of the proceeds will be donated to a family in Mogoditsahne who lost everything when their house burnt down,” said Dema.

One of the poets on the day, Sam Kush, expressed delight in contributing to the overall spectacle that helped less privileged people.

“We had a group talent poets, a group of young creative minds. What you get is something beautiful. There should be more shows like this because it’s for a good cause,” he said.

Sam Kush also commended the initiative of the organizers.

“The show was a good idea I believe art is a good way of connecting the hearts of many people towards eradicating social ills,” he commented.

The show cost P70 and those in attendance were very responsive to the poets on show. Whilst some performances saw poets recite their work without any beat or sound, some vocals were accompanied by live instruments that helped transcend the mood and elevate their performances.

A number of the members of the audience said they were more than happy to spend time listening to poetry, especially if it’s for a greater purpose.

“I actually came hear with my girlfriend to enjoy a night out, and I have no regrets. I believe all the poets had something special about them,” said Kgosi Modise.

Another member said she was inspired by the poetry on show.

“The poems and performers were really good; they helped me feel a lot better,” said Refilwe Kesentse.

Poetry is often used to unite the people against a cause in a non-violent way. When used as a form of protest or used for a greater cause then it becomes a stronger weapon because it not only unites people but also liberates them through spoken word.


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