Monday, April 22, 2024

Police negligence nearly cost the life of an informer

A police informer was nearly killed after he was allegedly shot by the police who thought that he was part of the gang that was to execute an armed robbery.

It all started in Gaborone when the informer allegedly tipped the police that a gang of armed robbers were planning to execute an armed robbery in Selibe-Phikwe.

It is understood that Gaborone police communicated with Selibe-Phikwe who were told to surround the area and ambush the robbers before they could execute their mission.

It is understood that somehow there was miscommunication between the officers on the ground and those in the control room resulting in police opening fire on the informer who they thought was part of the gang but realized later the mix-up.
The injured informer was rushed to Selibe-Phikwe Hospital where he was later referred to Nyangabgwe Hospital in Francistown where he is recovering from the gunshot wounds.

Speaking to Sunday Standard detective superintendent Tshweneitsile strongly denied that the injured person was a police informer and that the police were negligent.

He explained that the man got shot mistaken when the police tried to apprehend some criminals who have been terrorizing the business community using explosives to blast money safes.
Tshweneitsile said when the police fired a warning shot toward the suspected criminals who attacked a night watchman, another bullet accidentally hit the man.

He said the injured man was very co-operative with police, adding that although the man was accidentally shot, an inquiry would be conducted to determine the circumstances that led to his injuries.

Tshweneitsile said the injured man is recovering at Nyangabgwe Hospital in Francistown where he was admitted.


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