Monday, April 22, 2024

Police officer collapse and die on football pitch

Men’s International Day campaigns and celebrations were nearly disrupted Sunday afternoon in Old Naledi location as a plain clothes police officer collapsed and died on a football pitch.

Sponsors of the campaigns embarked on 16 day campaigns following the official launch of the event last Thursday.

Football competitions were part of the campaigns geared at sensetising the public about the important role men play in society and for social networking as a community.

“Yes I can confirm one of our officers collapsed and was  later certified dead from a football pitch in Old Naledi. He was under the CID section in one of the stations in Gaborone,” said Christopher Mbulawa, the police spokesman.

He would not reveal the names of deceased.

He said they are awaiting postmortem. The local social teams from across Gaborone  had descended on Old Naledi to compete for the prize money.

The country has been experiencing surging heat temperatures of late and there are suspicions these could be responsible.


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