Monday, April 22, 2024

Police officers appear for theft and burglary

Three police suspects appeared before the Gaborone Village Magistrates Court on six counts ranging from theft and burglary.

The suspects, Thabo Phadi (27), Tsaone Sedimo (41) and Kabelo Moroke (32) were at the centre of police investigations after they allegedly stole a radio communication system belonging to the police services as well as a date stamp and a long service and good conduct medal belonging to Manna Sekwababe sometime in August last year.

The chief investigator of the case, detective superintendent, Balibazi Boy, of Mogoditshane Police Station says they have completed their investigations and the case is ready for trial.

He says the first accused person has another criminal case in which he and the other three who are still at large obtained by false pretences cash amounting to P22,OOO and the case is also before the court.

He says the first accused person has been denied bail while the others were granted bail and they are expected to appear after 14 days.

The first accused is interdicted while the second has already been fired from the service. The third accused is still on duty though he might also be interdicted in due course.


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