Monday, July 15, 2024

Police protest against Rollers still stands

Police XI who have protested against the use of Ofentse Nato in their league game against Township Rollers dismissed rumors that they have withdrawn their protest case against Rollers. 

“We have not withdrawn our protest against Rollers” said Police XI chairman, Solomon Mantswe. 

He said he has been called by many people enquiring on the rumor that they have withdrawn their protest.
“It is not true and we are waiting for the day for us to appear before the Premier League disciplinary hearing” said Mantswe. 

Police XI played Rollers on the 16th  April and lost in the game in which Nato was fielded. 

“We protested and the Premier league chairman, Rapula Okaile wrote a letter in which we were given our points and we accepted the points,” explained Mantswe. 

Mantswe who wants to see their case coming to an end said the issue is tarnishing their team’s good name because there are always unfounded allegations against his team. However, he said people must stop insinuating things on them. “If we withdraw the case we can do that and we don’t owe anybody any explanation if we are to withdraw the case.”

The Police XI protest was lodged after the BFA NDC upheld the Gilport protest that declared Nato a defaulter.

The police chairman said he is puzzled by the way people like to spread unfounded rumors about him and his team. 

“When we were recalled unconstitutionally from the BPL board people did not say anything not even questioning the unconstitutional re-calling of me and Walter Kgabung who was the board chairman by then. Those who did that were pretty aware that what they were doing is unconstitutional and people did not come forward to seek answers,” charged Mantswe. He said some of the things the BPL board is doing is unconstitutional. He said the board is messing the league knowing that they cannot be sued because they are not a legal entity.


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