Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Police struggling to establish Khama, informer’s motives

Police are still struggling to make sense and establish the motive behind a new narrative by former president, Ian Khama to re-apportion reasons behind the death of Boipuso Kirby, the son of Ian Kirby.The Judge President of the Court of Appeal, Ian Kirby has equally been taken aback by a tip off he received in 2019 from former president Khama alleging that the death of his son, Boipuso, long settled as a car accident was actually a “hit” masterminded by two Russian nationals.Boipuso died in June 2008.

In a report seen by Sunday Standard, the police sound skeptical in their efforts to make sense not only of the tip off but also of Khama’s source who the former President has only identified as the Johannesburg based Malcom X.In a series of telephone conversations between Khama and Kirby, the former president relayed messages that there were still people out there who could be held accountable for Boipuso’s death.Khama vouched for the credibility of Malcom X.Khama’s calls to Kirby in 2019 follows a related incident in 2010 when then as president, Khama had sent his intelligence Chief to Kirby to get permission to of access the wreckage of a car that had killed Boipuso. At the time Justice Kirby told Kgosi that the car had been stripped of parts and was no longer available.Attempts by Justice Kirby to personally get in touch with Malcom X failed as the mobile number given to him by Khama was never answered.

Later on, in yet another phone conversation, Khama told Kirby that Malcom X no longer wanted to be involved because “should the people involved in the matter learn about the involvement of the police, it will endanger both his (Malcom X0 and Kirby’s lives as they are believed to be dangerous.”Kirby told the police that this new development by Khama “has some links with an incident where he was once approached by the retired DISS Director General Isaac Kgosi two years after the accident informing him that he suspects the death was not an accident.”In a report prepared following an approach on them by Justice Kirby, the police reiterate that immediately thereafter, investigations on the accident had been completed and that “no foul play” had been detected.

“An inquest docket forwarded to the District Commissioner for assessment, it was also forwarded to the DPP [Directorate of Public Prosecutions] for their assessment and the DPP recommended that it be closed as No Further Action to be taken.”Forensic laboratory results on Boipuso’s body had revealed excessive alcoholic levels in his blood.Policy analysis shows that Kirby and his family now live in renewed fear and pain. They had long accepted that Boipuso died from accident, but new information has cast doubts on their minds.“It contributed more to the manifestation of new theories and speculations into what might have transpired. It is going to be hard for the parents and relatives to disbelief (sic) these shocking news since they came from a highly reliable source in the capacity of the former president and what they once heard from the former intelligence chief Isaac Kgosi.

However this is also going to be a challenging investigation for the police to connect pieces together and make deductions from it since the accident happened a long time back, almost ten (10) years ago. There are no witnesses in this case and this will increase uncertainties on quality and credibility of new evidence, which is probably likely to be hearsay, an analytical product or just assumptions,” say police in their analysis.

The police further say contrary to what is alleged by Malcom X who is Khama’s informer, “there is nothing to suggest an explosive was used in the accident.“The evidence from the Motor Vehicle inspection Authorities indicated that the damages on ‘Puso’ vehicle was a result of an accident,” say police.


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