Sunday, September 25, 2022

Poor response for bids on food rations and general supplies worry PPADB

The Executive Director of the Supplies Division in the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB), Idah Maitumelo Marumo, has indicated as worrisome that, despite their efforts to lure in more bidders in the area of food rations and general supplies, more bidders still fail to qualify to supply or meet their policies.

Marumo who was giving a speech during the workshop organized by PPADB at Tati River Lodge in Francistown last week mentioned that this has become an urgent concern which has led the training of food ration and general supplies suppliers on how to prepare compliant and responsive bids. She added that there was need for the bidders to be more enlightened on the factors that were considered by the PPADB policy with regard to adjudication and evaluation processes of the bidders.

“This has made it most necessary and urgent by the number of non-responsive bids that has been put forward by a large number of suppliers, rendering cancellation of tenders or resulting in only a few bidders qualifying to supply,” said Marumo.

She mentioned that more often the bidders who qualified did not supply the food and supplies or items required. She indicated that it was in line with such that the Supplies Division decided to hold workshops as a way of discussing the tendering process with the companies interested in the supplies in order for them to have an in-depth of what is required from their bids. Marumo added that she also hoped that suppliers would acknowledge understanding of the bidding process and comprehend the requirements of a tender through the discussion in the workshop.

She further illustrated that the other prime purpose of PPADB conducting such workshops was to enlighten suppliers who have tendered before and were unsuccessful to better their bids and also correct their mistakes.
“It is hoped that suppliers who have attended similar workshops would be able to submit more responsive and compliant bids thereby reducing the time spent on evaluation of their bids,” she said.

She pointed out that the conduct of such workshops was of utmost importance, indicating that as PPADB they were firm believers in partnerships between stakeholders and their board. She highlighted further that this led to an achievement of their mandate which is based on a solid foundation through collaborative efforts involving all stakeholders.

Marumo went on to applaud some contractors who undertook consultations with them, leading to interesting debates from contractors in the infrastructural related fraternity, service providers in area of security, catering, consultants, suppliers in general and the procuring entities.
She pointed out that although PPADB was trying by all means to serve its purpose of reaching all stakeholders, it had some short comings, advanced by procuring entities, in that they were unable to grade and assess all contractors because of lack of capacity and due to lack of resources across the country. She gave another challenge of the sectors that were not suitable for grading since they were knowledge-based rather than plant and equipment-based.
The primary purpose of the workshop was aligned to the PPADB strategic leverage area of capacity building targeting the bidding community, especially the food ration and general supplies division. This was meant to empower the contracting community, as a way of enhancing their skills to perfect their skills of responding to Government contracts.

The workshops were scheduled for Gaborone and Francistown and then to be spread to other districts.


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