Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pop Stars set to depart on August 1st

Disturbing rumours about the just ended Pop Star Botswana event have been making the rounds. Some say Masta Dee absconded and left Tshepo and Kabo behind, while some think he is a conman. However, this past week, The Sunday Standard made a follow up and contacted Masta Dee in the UK. We also contacted Tshepo, together with Kabo, the second runner up who Masta Dee decided to take along from his own personal pocket.

Masta Dee has indeed confirmed that he is in London and is busy putting base to the music for the stars.

“The two will be leaving the Sir Seretse Khama airport on August 1, 2007 and are scheduled to arrive in London the following day,” he said.
When asked on how long the stars will be contracted under EMI, Masta Dee said that will entirely be up to the producers.

“There is what they call a long term and short term contract, and the kind of contract they will get will depend on how well the international market will absorb them and generally how well they do in the music industry. If people like them, then you will definitely see them for a long time to come”, he stated.
Before hanging up the phone, Masta Dee clearly stated that he is not a conman and is not up to any mischief as many people may think here back home.

“I just came here early to put everything in place for the two Pop Stars, and, as I speak, everything has been arranged for them, right from accommodation, transport and security, so Batswana have nothing to worry about as everything is under control.”

Asked to comment, Tshepo and Kabo did indeed agree to the fact that they know what is going on and that they are surely leaving on August 1. Tshepo, an A-class student, was supposed to start her tertiary education at The University of Johannesburg, but she has confirmed that the Government has agreed to transfer the scholarship and sponsor her to study part time in the UK. Kabo, on the other hand, seemed very excited as he said this opportunity was a dream come true for him.

“I am looking forward to making it big in the music industry and also see myself on the biggest billboards ever, and above everything else, the biggest dream of them all is to put my country on the map,” he said.


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