Saturday, May 30, 2020

Post Presidential Depression: The Case of Ian Khama!

The old adage goes, “It is only when the mosquito lands on your testicles, that you realize that there is always a way to solve problems without using violence.”

Political vigilantism and machismo have become a part of our body politic. We have become a nation whose citizens no longer care for one another.  A desperate attempt has been made to sow seeds of discord along geographical divide and ethnic bigotry is being promoted under false pretenses by some irresponsible, egocentric and self centered individuals or an individual who just can’t let go.

Clearly what is happening in Botswana is very worrisome  as the spirit of Botho is being eroded just by a self serving mafia like monk who presents himself as a Me Nice, playing victim while the opposite is true.  So many mind-boggling and bizarre things are happening within the country which demands a pause and reflection as the nation traverses the crossroads.

The primary question is why?

Do we want to turn Botswana into another Zimbabwe? The honeymoon and joyous celebrations that erupted in Zimbabwe after the ousting of Africa’s last standing dictator, RG Mugabe who ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist for 37 years are not yet over.  Zimbabwe is now burning. The new government seems to be failing to build a new democratic dispensation that ensures economic recovery”.

Is this what Batswana deserve?

It is must be noted that another fiasco is developing in South Africa after the forced resignation of Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, by his ruling party the ANC. The current ongoing commissions in South Africa most notably the Zondo Commission on State Capture leaves one with goose bumps. The corruption tsunami that swept across SA under his watch is extremely worrisome and a comparative analysis with that one of Tshetlha’s Botswana will tell all.  

Professor Good in one of his works, Corruption and Mismanagement in Botswana, chronicled how the ruling party big wigs acted like parasites by milking the country dry. Previously commenting on the budget speech former Member of Parliament for Gaborone West, Hon Botsalo Mpimpi Ntuane stated that there was a developing trend by some people close to power, to loot the government. He cited instances where some ministers own companies that tender for the supply of government goods and services, (Mmegi, 14th Feb 2010).

If you think Good and Ntuane’s revelations were scary, if you have read the Christie report and the Lisindi Commission report and you think there was a lot of looting and serious parasitic tendencies then you are more like an alien dear reader, because a closer scrutiny during the reign of Tshetlha tells an even scarier story.

He was the chief architect of corruption, a schemer who destroyed the country’s democratic institutions and systematically undermined fairness and meritocracy in all his actions including appointments in cabinet and the public service, by creating what became commonly known and referred to as the Lotto system.  He preferred to work with errand boys and girls, ridiculed them and addressed them with pet names under the pretext that it was a joke.

The BURS raid on Spanere’s properties will certainly open a can of worms and will not be until the fat lady sings. Tshetlha knows this and hence why he appears to be in a state of panic and even goes to the extent of analyzing a news paper headline, un- packing it and giving a social construct; Dr Khama.

Jacob Zuma and Ian Khama are like Siamese twins, the rot that went on during their reign leaves one gapping and asking a question – did we really deserve these two spazas?   In South Africa, for instance, Eskom is struggling to keep the lights on, while in Botswana load shedding has become the norm. Taps run dry for the longest time in Botswana and a closer scrutiny and analysis directs one to the poor political leadership of Ian. Who ironically thinks he is the best thing to have ever happened to the politics of Botswana.

Batswana had to patiently wait to what looked like a long walk to freedom to bring to an end to the rule of a military junta, a rule of a self styled philanthropist who went on a national tour to bid the nation good-bye. In return, the nation had to dig deep in their pockets and empty their kraals with many of the people wanting to outperform one other.

While many got hoodwinked by Tshetlha’s stunt that he was leaving office and his utterances that he had confidence in Sissy Boy, I had my own reservations. I remember stating that once Sissy Boy assumes Presidency, heads MUST roll.  I went further to state that Sissy Boy, must not even shy away from using his executive powers to reverse many of the things that Tshetlha did.

I stated that Sissy Boy must go an extra mile and reverse some of the appointments that Tshetlha carried out on the eve of his Presidential exit. That Sissy Boy MUST not shy away from dropping Tshetlha as the Chair of Vision 2036. He must assume that role himself.

One would have even thought I was prophesying dear reader  as Sissy Boy did the onus. He hit Tshetlha were it hurts most. Ever since Isaac Kgosi was relieved of his duties from being the spy boss, Tshetlha has never been the same.  He is in a state of hallucination, madness and going through some psychological stress, suffering from Post Presidential Depression (PPD).

Depression is real dear reader,

Sissy Boy is yet to move into the State House. We are reliably informed that in  its present state, it is not safe for Sissy Boy and his family to move in.

In an interesting twist of events, the former’s spy boss was searched at his house in Phakalane where some media houses reported that some spy equipment that enabled him full view of the State house were seized from his house during the search. 

However, Tshetlha has expressed his displeasure in the manner in which Spanere was arrested.  He is now presenting himself as a saint and wants to give an impression that the arrest came as a result of an instruction. He fails to provide proof to that effect. Social media was abuzz with statements as to how he barbarically treated the late Moses Lekaukau and thinks Sissy Boy is pulling the Lekaukau on Spanere.

His insinuations are however, telling, just because he did it during his time, thinks others too will stoop so low to his level.  His erratic behavior and grumpy attitude that seems to be anchored on inherited status and an entitlement mentality to govern Botswana because Botswana has always been and should always be governed by members of the Khama family is laughable and scandalous.

His appearance at the Bangwato Kgotla two days before Christmas day 2018 was a mockery. Occupying top table with Mma Venson and the regent Sediegeng while other royal uncles seated right behind Mma Venson was an outright shame to Ngwato culture and custom, if at all there is any. That was more of a political rally and endorsement of a political candidate, than sharing of Xmas carols, some have argued. 

His behavior which is in actual fact a mixture of ruthless self interest and poisonous rhetoric supported by his praise poets and members of KFC (Khama Fan Club) is a national embarrassment. His ten year rule has ruined Botswana and he comes back and preaches the good gospel of multi literalism and bilaterism when he has actually been reckless.

Some have even argued that they see him more as a con- man who wishes he was a philanthropist, an extremely petty, self centered and jealous fellow, who many in future will open up and tell it all. During his tenure cronyism was rewarded, planting errand boys and girls in various institutions, departments and units to destroy some people’s careers, merely because they held a dissenting voice was the norm.

Whilst the BDP elders council must be applauded for their good gesture and their attempt to reconcile Tshetlha and Sissy Boy, they must however, be warned that in Tshetlha they are dealing with an egocentric, megalomaniac who ONLY cares about himself. In fact there is absolutely no need for reconciliation. He is the one who is actually harassing incumbent President Dr Masisi.

He is suffering from what psychologists call Post Presidency Disorder.

Tshetlha unfortunately just can’t come to terms with the fact that it is over, that his term has come to an end and must just allow Sissy Boy to rule and govern without any form of harassment from him.


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