Thursday, February 29, 2024

Power-hungry leaders an impediment to opposition unity

Botswana’s opposition party youths have reinforced their efforts to bring their mother bodies together and pave the way for opposition unity.

As part of their efforts to forge opposition cooperation, the opposition youth recently collaborated in a mass effort to commemorate June 16, the Day of the African Child.
The Botswana National Front Youth League, together with the youth wings of the Botswana Congress Party and Botswana Movement for Democracy, marched from the National Stadium to the bus rank, where they held a mass rally to reiterate their commitment to opposition cooperation.

“We have been the laughing stock of the BDP purely because our leaders failed to reach common ground and work together,” said BCP Youth Wing President, Thato Osupile.

He said the youth have resolved to show their leaders that it is time for change.
“It is time to change tactics and put aside petty politics for the interests of the nation,” he said.

The youths are adamant they can break the ice where their parent bodies failed and clinch a common ground for opposition parties to work together to oust the beleaguered Botswana Democratic Party, which has since independence never confronted fierce competition because of the fragmented opposition.

Commemorating the day under the theme “Education is my right”, they urged their audience, who were clad in their respective party colours, to remain calm and bury the hatchet.

“Currently our livelihood hangs in the balance under the Khama regime while our education system is in tatters, as eligible students are barred entry into tertiary schools. Our children are taught in cold classrooms without windows, with the BDP under Khama insisting there is not enough money, while at the same time satisfying his personal ego, renovating State House and purchasing mobile caravans and aeroplanes worth millions of pulas,” lamented BMD youth league member, Dimpho Mashaba, adding that as reasonable and good thinking youth citizens “we should say no this extravagance”.


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