Thursday, June 20, 2024

Premier League sponsorship saga rages on

Uncertainty still surrounds the sponsorship of the Premier League. Although Munhumutapa African Broadcasting Corporation (MABC) is a self proclaimed sponsor, the company has so far failed to deliver the P60 million it has promised.
The sponsorship would have been the biggest ever seen in the country.

So far, people view MABC’s promises as just playing a cat and mouse game. The issue has gone to the extent of dividing the Premier League committee.
Information reaching Sunday Standard is that the Premier League is considering some options. Of late there have been reports that some companies, like Kgalagadi Breweries Limited, and previous sponsor, Mascom, and another new mobile company, be-mobile are interested. Sunday Standard is reliably informed that nothing is official because nothing has been discussed.

One source at the Premier League told Sunday Standard that what some companies are offering is peanuts looking at the growth of soccer in Botswana. Other companies are reportedly interested in coming on board but are yet to make firm offers that would be beneficial to them and Botswana soccer in general.

Some people see sponsoring the Premier League as an opportunity for the new kid on the block, be-mobile.

Were be-mobile to sponsor the league, they would be putting their competitors on their toes. Also looking at the fact that the newly appointed Managing Director, Thapelo Lippe, had a fruitful relationship with soccer while still at Orange many would expect be-mobile to come on board.
When Lippe was with Orange, the company sponsored both the Zebras and a local side, Township Rollers.

On the other hand, MABC are also reportedly watching the proceedings closely. The money might not yet be there, but the company is still adamant they will be sponsoring the Premier League as per agreement. Meanwhile, Premier League Secretary General, Setete Phuthego, reiterated his words that they still have an agreement with MABC.

“As far as we understand we still have an agreement with MABC and reports about other companies coming on board are just news to us. People have a tendency to fabricate stories and demand answers from us,” he said.

Phuthego did not want to comment on whether the Premier League is looking for other alternatives because the league has long begun and MABC are yet to give them the money.
He said if there is something new, they would communicate with the nation.


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