Saturday, July 13, 2024

Premier League to enforce coaching qualifications

Several Premier League coaches might find themselves in a lurch next season because they do not have pre-requisite qualifications.

Information reaching Telegraph Sport is that The Premier League would not allow coaches who do not have C licenses because they want to improve the standard of the game in Botswana.

This a move that might provoke some foreign coaches in the country because they are not allowed to get the C licenses in the country but rather in their native countries. Since most of them are full time coaches, they have always courted the Botswana Football Association (BFA) to help them get the qualification in Botswana.

The chairman of the Premier League Committee, Mokganedi Molefe, was on the other hand steadfast on the issue when Telegraph Sport asked him about the matter. Molefe did not mince his words and said licensing issue is going to be effected next season.

“We definitely have many qualified coaches in Botswana with C licenses. We have realised that most local coaches have what it takes once given a chance to coach. Those coaches who come from outside the country should be more qualified than locals because we want to take our football to another level,” he said.

One local coach, who preferred anonymity, applauded the move by the Premier League, but said it is not yet time. He said at least few more local coaches should graduate so that teams can be spoilt for choice.

“Several local coaches just obtained C licenses but the current numbers should at least quadruple and that’s when we can enforce the C license qualifications. If we can enforce them now, as the Premier League wants to do, we are going to have a situation where most teams would be struggling to find suitable coaches,” he said.

Regarding foreign coaches being denied getting a C license in the country, the coach said it is a trend world-wide. He said Botswana coaches cannot obtain a C license in any country except Botswana and as such foreign coaches should obtain theirs from their own countries. One foreign coach who also preferred anonymity decried the development saying it is a slap on the face.

“To start with, the BFA does not allow foreign coach to obtain C license qualifications in the country and the next thing they say if you do not have a C license you are not supposed to coach here. It is really not fair because if you are a fulltime coach you cannot keep on going to your native country for qualifications while your team needs you,” he said.


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