Thursday, May 23, 2024

Preparations for netball extravaganza on track

Preparations for the Netball World Youth Cup to be hosted by Botswana from July 8 to 16 are ongoing. Botswana will be the first to host this ground-breaking cup and 19 teams will be participating.

The General Manager at the Secretariat of the Netball World Youth Cup 2017, Tebogo Kesupile, has confirmed that the preparations are going well and the teams have started to book accommodations as agreed and that the teams will be paying, Botswana inclusive. 

She further confirmed that two venues have already been agreed upon, being the University of Botswana Arena and Ditshupo Hall.

“The International Netball Federation (INF) has done an inspection at the University of Botswana Arena, they have confirmed that the sprung floor used is good for the games but have not yet inspected the Ditshupo Hall (indoor facility),” Tebogo Kesupile said.

She explained that the Ditshupo Hall would be inspected soon as the indoor facility has been turned into a suitable inside sports venue.

She added that they share information of preparations with the Netball International Federation when a new development arises and assured that the venue would be ready a few days before the games begin.

Kesupile further pointed out that her team is working on ordering equipment that would be used during the World Cup. 

She also stated  that Botswana will be showcasing  talent and its culture to other countries and also that there will be a Safe Sports Programme where girls will be taught about sexual harassment  and the use and impacts of drugs in sport . She encouraged Batswana to come in large numbers.

“We are faced with challenges, the public is not really correspondent to the Cup, government cannot do everything alone, the society needs to help out but all in all, we would like to thanks the INF for their assistance,” said Kesupile.

According to Kesupile, entrance fees are still under consideration and Batswana should expect an announcement as soon as possible.


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