Thursday, November 30, 2023

Primary schools hold successful exhibitions

Last week, different primary schools from across the country held a subjects fair exhibition in Francistown as a way of nurturing talent, innovation and creativity at root level in different subjects.

The Chief Education Officer of the North East District, Motsamai Phuthego, who was the guest speaker at the event, revealed that the exhibition serves as a platform for the students at primary level to try and uproot talent and innovation among themselves and also equip them with entrepreneurial opportunities through vocationalizing their skills in different subjects.

“This is in line with one of the vision 2016 pillars of our country which calls for an educated and informed nation to equip children with skills to become the best producers of goods and purveyors of services,” he said.

Motsamai indicated that by coming up with such an exhibition, it will help give the general public an opportunity to see the capability of students at primary level and also expose a chance to appreciate pupils work interpreted into practicals.

He mentioned that the exhibition is designed into different subjects to help in achieving the national principles of self reliance, which is seen as essential for the well being and balance of the overall economy.

“I am glad that the primary school curriculum has a direct influence on these kind of exhibitions and practical subjects such as agriculture, home economics and art and crafts, which are of prime importance,” he said.

Relating to the theme of the event, “Your Shopping Spree Oasis”, Motsamai added that it is a well thought slogan which tallies with the ideals of Vision 2016 and the Millennium Development Goals.
He quoted the Vision 2016 pillar of a prosperous, productive and innovative nation, indicating that the pillar calls for the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity therefore the children could contribute immensely in the achievement of Botswana’s dream of diversification.

Motsamai also mentioned that by empowering children through nurturing talent at root level, it will help them as leaders of tomorrow to compete with the best in the world.

“Investing in these children will give us a basis for our continued growth,” he maintained.
He went on to applaud the initiative by the primary school education to provide equity, access and quality education to all early childhood and primary education learners through efficient and effective support and supervision. Motsamai further highlighted that the artifacts exhibited by the children are a symbol of immense talent by the children that needs not to be overlooked.

The exhibition was complemented by a tour of the stalls in which schools from the North West District came first.


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