Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Prime Time intends to go regional

Prime Time, the property listed company, said it has been bolstered by the ‘revaluation “of its assets, making it attractive to investors bent on looking for value but also announced its intent to go regional.

The company said it is now looking into the region in a bid to diversify risks from the local market, adding that the local market is getting mature.

“The company remains ungeared and is, therefore, well positioned to take advantage of opportunities which present themselves in other countries,” the company warned.

The new developments were announced in the┬á company’s audited financials to the end of August 2009 that showed that gross debenture return to unit holders was up 18.1 percent against the same period last year.

“The gross debenture interest return to unit holders increased by 18.1 percent over the previous financial year annualized returnÔÇöa result of our policy of strict financial┬á controls, the quality of our tenants mix and continued rental growth. This combination of factors is reflected virtually 100 percent occupancy of our properties and minimal arrear rentals,” the company said.

It added: “Unit holders should be encouraged that the excellent return has been achieved after retaining a small amount of the distributable profits of the company this year for the future property expansion plans.”
Prime Time Property is  an off-shoot of Time Projects and  came to the market in 2007 seeking to raise P 200 million in exchange of  hand-over 56 percent  of the company to investors while the remaining ones will be in the hands of promoters.

The company is well diversified and owns some  good quality buildings in some prime location in Gaborone, Gantsi, Francistown, Lobatse, Ramotswa and Serowe.  Some of the prime  buildings include the UN Place, South African High Commission and Bank Gaborone headquarters.

However, the company has expressed concern on the impact of the global economic crisis and bemoans  lack of diversification, pointing out that  as a result of that, the country is still faced with possible budget deficits.
“All our leases that came up for renewal have been renewed,” the company said in its annual financial report.

“The annual revaluation of the property portfolio showed 7.3 percent increase over the last year. With interest rates having dropped during the year by 3.5 percent, we believe this makes Prime Time an extremely attractive investment, yielding 11.6 percent on the year end share price of 130 thebe compared to government bonds trading at 7.5 percent and bank deposit of approximately 7 percent,” the company said.


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